in progress

The fresh wind whipped down the side of the green hill, bringing with it the scent of the game it was hiding. I pushed my long coppery hair out of my face as I breathed in my prey’s smell. A nod signaled to the rest of my group that we were starting the hunt. My little pack, about six of us, slowly crept up the hill until we saw the large boar herd waiting for us.

Two of my men,one my brother, Ale, the other was Dempsey, my life. Even with the adrenaline of the hunt beating through my veins, I stole a glance at my god. His golden hair fluttering against his tan face, holding the most perfect blue eyes I’ve ever seen. They stole a glance back at me and I felt my tense huntress face melt into a smile. Was he looking at me? Had he finally decided to notice me? I shook my head at the intruding thoughts. I needed to focus.

Dempsey and Ale moved in opposition, making their way slowly in front of the pigs. Every step was a risk to our motives, every breath a give away that this animal’s life was coming to a close. I gripped my spear in anticipation, as the men took the final positions of our hunt.

With a loud yell I initiated the rampage. We descended on to the little grouping. With the strength and agility that came with my years of training, I threw my stone-tipped spear at the biggest boar. The end planted into his ribs and I knew it was a kill shot. Exhilaration punctured my heart and I burst into a loud scream of delight.

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