The Legend of Rowan

Many thousands of years ago, the great Faeries ruled this land. They brought with them growth and fertility of land. The entire country side would be brilliantly green all year round and the trees grew three times the size they do now. It was a highly celebrated time in the time of the Celts, and there were many beautiful things that they left for us, if you look hard enough. Well, towards the end of their time, there was a evil Faerie that decided to rule over all other faeries. His name was Breslin, and he captured and enslaved his kind until finally causing the extinction of his own race. This is a story about just one of his great tragedies.


There was a famous Queen Faeries, though no one is sure of her name, since all the faeries called her Queen out of such respect and honor. Well the Queen was a generous ruler, but her heart ached. See, the Queen, wait as she tried, was never given a child by the gods. She went to them over and over asking for this one gift they could give her. For whatever reason (who knows the reasons the gods have?), they never granted her request.


Well, at this time, Breslin had conquered and enslaved most of the Faerie lands, and had his eye on the remaining portion, which belonged to the Queen. His warriors were sent over and over, but the gods, though not blessing her with a child, had blessed her with wisdom, and that wisdom had conjured the perfect magic to block evil attempts. She has wisely placed this magic on the perimeter of her kingdom. Her wisdom had saved her people through Breslin attempts.


One rainy night, Breslin had an idea. He would trick the Queen into letting him in. He sent word that night.


That next morning, the Queen received his letter, stating that a old and powerful mystic had a gift for her that would ensure a child of her own. She immediately sent back word, requesting a meeting.


Breslin disguised himself as a Mystic, and met with the Queen. He gave her a large seed he had found during his raids of the mortals, telling her this gift would give her the child she desired. She need only pour all her wise magic into it. He told her to do this when the sun touched the earth that evening, and not to hold any magic back, but to put every ounce in this seed.


Breslin immediately commanded his warriors to hide around the perimeter of the Queen’s kingdom, and to strike when the sun touched the earth.


The Queen, being single-minded and desperate, placed the seed among her most precious silks, jewels, and gold. She caressed the seed and loved it. As soon as the sun touched the earth, she placed her hands on the seed, pouring all her magic into this precious seed. And that is how Rowan was born, and orphaned.

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