Okay, so here are some updates on a few of my goals.

26 Take vitamins every day for a month

So it hasn’t been a month yet, but it’s been 8 days straight i’ve been taking my vitamin, no significant changes to speak of yet, but for me to take anything consistently (even cold medicine) is a big WIN. Only 22 more days till i can cross this off!

97 find a song i know all the lyrics to, one for every letter of the alphabet. (0/26)

Okay, this one is sorta vague, but i really like knowing all the lyrics to songs i love, it’s like, inspirational quotes. so…. let’s start with A

A- Any Time Now: O.A.R.     favorite line: but for me, it’s that last baby moment before i wake, it bless my soul, caress my heart, leave me wishin for a brighter day.

17 Learn to drive a stick shift

So this isn’t really an update, just something i thought was weird. So i put this on my list really just wanting to learn something new, and i think people look like race car drivers when they drive stick, so there’s always the ‘cool’ factor, but i was looking for a new car on craig’s list, and all the cars that we relatively low miles, and really nice looking were manuals! So it’s like, God’s saying “you want to learn stick? I’m going to make it so you have to.” Which is cool, cause i didn’t know God really cared about manual transmissions :0)

So that is all, nothing getting crossed off yet, but we are well on our way.

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