26 Take vitamins every day for a month

i totally forgot to take it yesterday :0(. So i am starting over on this one.

14 Answer at least one of the “50 Questions That Will Free Your Mind” every week.

How old would you be if you didn’t know how old you are?

hm… i was actually thinking about this the other day… i hang out with high school sophmores all the time through my church, and i tend to act like them, or at least just a few years older. so i think i would be 19. is that crazy??

74 inspire 10 people to start their own 101/1001 list (1/10)

NATHAN! my wonderful husband and best friend has decided to make his own list. now let’s see who can finish first lol.

85 participate in operation beautiful with 30 post-its (0/30)

So i haven’t posted any yet, but i bought my post its and they are in my purse, ready to go into action. i guess i should use a public restroom more often :0/

20 finish this list

I had totally forgotten i put this on here. i could only think of like, 50 things, so i had put this on here so i would have at least something accomplished by the time it was all filled out :0) and i guess that means i need to put back $25 somewhere….

so there is my update, hopefully more will be coming soon!!!

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