14, 27, 28, 43, 78, 95

Well, since i’m snowed in, i thought i might as well work on some of these easier goals :0)

14 Answer at least one of the “50 Questions That Will Free Your Mind” every week. (2/50)

Which is worse, failing or never trying?

This seems like an easy “never trying”, but i want to elaborate before i jump to my optimistic answer. for a long time, i was a person that never tried, for fear of failure. I never auditioned for anything special in choir, rarely spoke to anyone outside my circle, and didn’t even date until late high school. But i realized something after awhile: That the only thing that matters is God. it only matters what He thinks of me and what He says I am, which is loved and free. He died to i could be free from the worry of failure, of any kind of failure. and therefore I would conclude that there is no such thing as a failure, only a chance to try again a little wiser.

27 practice yoga

So this is a really vague goal, but something i just wanted to get back to doing more frequently. I currently go to a yoga class when I am not working, and do a yoga dvd about twice a week. it’s amazing, and the tension it releases from my back conjoined with the strength my core gets makes me not have hardly any back pain.

28 Watch 26 movies I’ve never seen starting with each letter of the Alphabet (2/26)
F-Five Hundred Days of Summer


43 Read 100 books (2/100)


The Lovely Bones

95 do the daniel fast for a month

Nathan put on his list that he wants to go vegitarian for a month, so we are joining our goals in february and doing this together :0) (i don’t wanna hear anything about Feb. being the shortest month!)

78 Expand my vocabulary by 100 words (1/100)

verboten \ver-BOHT-n\ , adjective; forbidden, especially by an authority.

“In February, meat will be verboten… as well as sweets and pop.”

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