because i haven’t posted anything of value in awhile….

The soft golden glow warmed my face and illuminated my eyelids. Hesitant, I slowly opened my heavy eyes, and squinted into the blinding sun. Consciousness flooded through me limb by limb, and I arched myself until I was sitting, and looked around. I was sitting on dry sand, the salty air whipping my hair around my face. I pulled it back and saw the most beautiful thing I’d ever laid eyes on: The Ocean. Not my ocean, not the one I had known since I was born, not the one I knew better than I knew myself, but this parallel glass sheet of moving water. The separation between the water and the air was invisible and blatantly apparent at the same time. My mouth hung open in surprise and I tasted the thick salty air, my throat croaking in the dryness of it. I swallowed hard and continued to stare.

A loud crash broke my attention. No, not a crash, more like a break, like something big breaking. I looked toward the sound and saw a little furry creature moving toward me. Moving very fast toward me. I leapt up before I forgot I had never walked before. It was only now that I noticed my legs. I was so mesmerized by the surface of the ocean that I had been transported away from the most important change. I looked down now and studied them in wonder. Two long limbs like arms, but stronger and thicker, protruded from my torso and ended in triangle like hands with stubby fingers. I spread them out and attempted to pick myself up. Just then I remembered the creature, too late. It was on top on me, with it’s four fur covered legs and its ferocious mouth inches from mine, it’s long and wet tongue invading my face.

“Rex!” A voice called, though I could not see it. “Hey, boy, stop that!” Something pulled the creature off of me and I began to dry my face with my hair. I looked then at the voice that had saved me. A male, with light hair and sand colored skin stood over me. His body was covered in a blue fabric and he was wrestling with my attacker. Something in his hand, some sort of round stone, drew the creature’s attention, and when the male threw this stone into the ocean, the creature retreated after it. The male’s face turned toward me and underneath the sand color a deep pink grew. I cocked my head in fascination.

“Um, hi.” He spoke. “Sorry about my dog, he’s rather friendly.” He scratched my back of his neck in an uncomfortable rhythm. Silence dragged on, and I began to wonder if he was waiting on me to speak.

“Um, were you, like, skinny dipping or something?” He motioned to my body, and I tried to clear my throat to attempt an answer when my air was taken from me. My body heaved uncontrollably and a rough cough exploded from my chest. The man knelt down, patting my back.

“Whoa whoa, okay, it’s okay.”

The coughing took over and I watched the edges of my vision blur and then go black.

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