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let me know if you like it, don’t like it, does it hook you, what do i need to change…. please??

Dear Ms. Smith

I am currently interested in your representation of me for Thaw: The Warming of Audrey Scott, my completed 37,000 word Young Adult novel.

Audrey Scott thought that after a car wreck claimed her mother’s life she would be frozen forever. Her life: a series of blurry images masking emotions too severe to expose. But a near death experience puts Ben Tyler right in the middle of everything- and Audrey begins to melt.

What is it about Ben that changes Audrey’s elementary state? He’s a Nephalim: Half Angel, Half Human. And when Ben reveals this information to Audrey, he inadvertently places them in a conflict as old as time. Law enforcing Angels descend, desperate to keep their immense secret, while ever lying Fallen rise to recruit Ben at all costs.

Told from both Audrey and Ben’s point of view, Thaw gives you personal insight into the battle for love and truth that consumes the hearts of our heroes, as well as their environment, and will interest fans of Stephenie Meyer and Maggie Steifvater.

I have worked personally with children and teens for the last 7 years, during which I interned with a Youth Ministry, writing various manuals and worksheets for them. At the moment I maintain a technical writing job at a construction news report.

Thank you very much for your time.


Lindsay Juarez

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