Monday Monday…

after spending the last hour perusing through various peoples blogs (slush pile hell, pub rants, a collection a day) i feel super guilty about not posting anything of substance, i have decided to revive one of my day zero goals : post once a day on my blog for 30 days.

So Monday, here are the ten things i’m thankful for:

1. hour lunch breaks

2. the sense of mind not to spend $40 on a shirt

3. my mother-in-law who keeps me up to date on our NYC vaca

4. grocery shopping with the hubs

5. mac keyboards :0)

6. post-it notes in bright colors

7. cardigans (it’s chilly in my office today)

8. true blood (which i still have 1/2 to see when i get home)

9. number cruncher (new game on my phone i’m addicted to)

10. giraffes (idk why, i drew a picture of one earlier and i couldn’t think of a #10 :0)-

So that is all. tune in tomorrow for all the excitement!

juarez out.

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