God IS Love

sometimes in my life, i come across groups of people, who believe things so strongly, they become “extremists”. Now, i would group myself into that category when referencing, say, my faith in God.

I ran across this “church” that declares “God Hates ____” Basically, fill in the blank with whatever religion/hot topic you desire.

I have read the Old Testament, and seem God’s “Wrath”, which i would describe as actions brought on by anger. Anger is different from Hate. Hate is a strong, violent feeling, wishing complete obliteration against it’s victim. Anger is typically sparked by a desire to change. God desired a change in his people, and was angry with them for turning away.

God is like a dad, who sees little tommy drawing all over the walls, and scolds him to enact change. The dad doesn’t wish tommy would die, or disappear.

See, I believe something kind of crazy: God IS love. Every action, every non-action, every tragedy, every blessing comes from a place of LOVE.

I would challenge anyone to present an instance that doesn’t seem like God is loving, and we would be able to see His love somehow. I dare you.

So, when someone tries to tell me that my God is hateful towards ANYONE, what action do I take?

I choose love.

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