New Year, New Habits

Hello world! I have always been a project kind of girl. i love seeing something to completion and the impact that it has on my life and other’s lives. something as simple as when i started crocheting last september. not only did i get to make everyone christmas presents, but now i AM a crocheter. i possess the knowledge to take fiber and turn it into clothing. and when my aunt robyn and i started running. it sucked at first, but now we ARE runners. it changed who we are and turned us into something new.

I think that is why when nathan and i started Dave Ramsey, i immediately fell into it hardcore. there is something kind of rebellious about being debt free and being able to retire early perhaps and live above the norm. even more, to have enough money to give a gift that changes the course someone is on. we both dream of that day. but to be able to start 1-1-11, saying to myself: “I will be debt free by the end of the year” and changing everything my life has been about the past 7 years… that’s something great and human and… addictive.

So, feeling like i need more, i stumbled upon this little website: she talks about changing one thing, until it becomes a habit, and in the process, decluttering your house and making your day efficient. can’t you just imagine, i’m all goo goo eyes for it!


so here we go, i intend to follow through with this as much as i can, picking myself back up when i fall down, and pushing through. changing myself, once again, into something new.

and i hope to blog as much as i can about it (just add it to my list lol)



seeing as how i’m at work, i will do this when i get home, and report on it tomorrow!

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