day two

okay, so i’m officially on day two of the flylady’s, um, idk….flight path?

when i got home from work yesterday, i took a look at my sink and discovered yesterday’s dirty dishes still there. my heart sunk. i politely asked my husband do clean them and he did perfect! so i took the dish drainer out and put it under the sink, then filled both sides with very hot water and a cup of bleach. while it was sitting, i noticed my garbage disposal leaking. just great. well, i took some towels out, cleaned that up, told nathan to put in a service request to the apt manager, and drained my sinks. i was supposed to let them sit for an hour, but it ended up being only 10 minutes or so. but i guess that was enough! they only took a little bit of scrubbing to shine! i took an old toothbrush, soaped it up and got all the creases and the faucet. i didn’t know that rust could come up so easily, but it did! i rinsed and dried it out with some paper towels, windexed and wiped and it just sparkled.

and it really did make me feel accomplished, like i could get my whole house clean and keep it clean.

so before bed, i began my first ritual:


-shine the sink


this morning, the task was to get dressed to laceup shoes. well, i had to go to work, so that was a given. i think i was supposed to put on makeup and fix my hair, but my hair went in a pony tail and the makeup is not there since i was up all night coughing and woke up with 15 mins to get ready. i will be better tomorrow :0)

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One response to “day two

  • Freedom

    I am a wannabe FlyBaby, too. I just blogged about her today! Good for you in getting that sink shiny. I’m hoping mine will be by the end of the day, too!

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