keep it rolling!!!

day 7! here is my current ritual:


-get dressed

-2 min hot spot (meaning i clean up clutter from one spot for 2 mins)

-reboot laundry (this week i go into work late, so i will start a load every morning, finish it every evening)

After Work:

-finish laundry

-15 min declutter (clean for 15 mins straight)


Before Bed:

-shine sink

-2 min hot spot

-wash face


eventually i will work up to more, but for now, i’m just going to try and keep it rollin!


this past weekend i travelled with my inlaws to ardmore to attend a dear friend’s funeral. the priest who performed my wedding, Father O’toole, passed away. so not only was it a catholic funeral, it was a priest’s funeral! well it was just a beautiful way to celebrate this man’s life! we had a wake and a rosary sunday night and people from the parish got to go up and talk about him, then the family came over to where we were staying and we spent time in community with them, laughing and remembering. the funeral itself was just beautiful and to see 30 some-odd priest from all over oklahoma and the archbishop performing communion was a sight to behold! God was all over that place and Father O’Toole’s life was shining all around. he will be dearly missed and wonderfully welcomed into heaven!

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