spiritual amnesia

the weather kind of sucks today. nope, i amend that statement: the weather sucks to drive in. if i was staying at home all day or, heck, at work all day i’d be fine. but driving in it means going 20 mph for 10+ miles. UGH!


Well God took that time to really speak to me this morning. I was driving and listening to Air1, and just worshiping Him. then this blurb came on and the guy was talking about how great God is. How He doesn’t need to do anything more for us to be worthy of our endless praise. Everything He has done for you in the past and is doing currently, is ENOUGH. I would say more than enough, but sometimes when we (or just me) use[s] intangible statements like that, things seem to not connect. The man on the radio said we need to not let “spiritual amnesia” block us from giving God His rightful praise.

Wow this convicted me. How many times have I asked God for the thing I desire without remembering all He has already done for me. He  has over and over again provided for me. He provided for me to go to China, He protected my heart until I met Nathan, He lead me faithfully through my engagement and early marriage, led me to a wonderful couples small group, gave me my students who continually challenge me in my leadership and christian walk, a wonderful spiritual leader and friend for a mother-in-law…. the list goes on and on with all the wonders my God has given to me. Of course, as a human, I will continue to want things. But my heart doesn’t need to be grumpy when I don’t get it. He is God, He is everything.

Because of the overwhelming proof of His power in my life, I will praise Him.

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