arriving to this blog post, i am not sure if i have anything to offer, but i will try :0)


Sunday, the pastor talked about surrendering to Christ (or i’m sure something a bit more detailed than that), but there was one thought i honed in on.

He said that we need to be in a place of spiritual tension. to grow our faith, we need to be stretched and to feel uncomfortable. when we feel peace about a situation, it is often because we are comfortable with it; we know we can deal with it apart from God.

I need to feel tension in my life. there is a situation i’ve been giving to God over and over in prayer, telling Him He has control, His will be done. But I haven’t done anything. I haven’t taken any steps. i feel an unhealthy peace, a familiarity with my circumstances. To be molded into who God wants me to be, I cannot be comfortable. It hurts to be molded. there is discomfort, pain.

so i’m saying sort of a weird prayer today: “God, give me tension.”

Because in my uncertainty, He is certain.

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