One Yard

I just started running a little less than a year ago. As I started out, I kept my eyes forward, looking down the long road I was on. If I saw a mile marker, I focused on that until I crossed it, then began looking for the next marker. I keep my eye line up and on the horizon.

I can’t tell you how defeated I would feel after each run. I thought I could run so much farther, but I found myself exhausted thinking about the long road I had left in front of me. That mile marker began to look farther and farther away the more I stared at it.

So, in a novel, or rather not-so-novel, idea, I began focusing on the one yard that was immediately in front of me. I looked at the cracks in the road, the little branches and leaves strewn about it, the places my feet were about to hit. I focused on conquering that one yard. And when the next one would come, I would focus on conquering that one yard.

Amazingly, I found my breath strengthened, my endurance prolonged, my hope built up. I could run farther and feel better as I ran.

In my life, I find myself focusing on the mile markers. The “major events” I want to happen. I look at “Buying a Home”, and “Having a Child”, and “Buying a New Car”, etc.

And I am exhausted.

So, I am committing to living like I run. I want to focus on the next one yard of my life, and immerse myself fully into that yard. Live every moment, every crack, every strewn leaf.

Be a conquerer of that one yard.


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