I have a bone to pick with the christian community. i have come to more and more dislike the use of the term “saved” in reference to someone commiting their life to Christ.

“when were you saved?”

“have you been saved?”

What does this term imply? What are we being saved from?

Hell. Eternity separated from God. Living without LIFE. breathing without BREATH.

our hearts beating without any purpose for them to continue.

Praise Jesus, yes, His death has saved me from that.

But to me, being in a relationship with God is about more than what He did for us. It’s about what He is continuing to do, everyday, in every moment.

He gave us eternal life, yet we fail to start living it until our physical bodies are gone.

Being with my God is not what I would call Salvation.


in all it’s forms, is what God wants for and from us.

What if we, instead of trying to “Save” people, decided to help them fall in love with the Creator. How would this shape the way you witness? I know I for one would have to stop judging, stop caring what the world says is right. It would force me to see each person for the value they have, the citizenship they have in the Kingdom, and drive to show them what it means to be someone head-over-heels, crazy, unthinkingly in LOVE with my God.

So, have you fallen in Love yet?

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