1st Corinthians 1&2

God doesn’t use people that are “wise”, or “experts”. If He did, it would discredit His work. We wouldn’t know if it was the wisdom of the people, or of God. Look back through the Bible, and you’ll see every person that God has used to further His kingdom has been lowly, sinful, nothing in the eyes of the world. He makes the nothing into the building blocks of the Kingdom.

With that, Jesus came to flip everything upside down, including what we perceive as “wisdom”. Infact, in the Message version, Paul calls it “pretentious nonsense”. Can you imagine? Everything that we think we know, everything that we stand by and say “yes, this is wise and proven” (the things of the world at least), to be thrown out as nonsense? No wonder the Gospel is so hard for people to swallow.

Paul goes on to say that since God has thrown all that out, what do we have left to prove the Gospel? Our testimony. Us. Our stories. “Preaching”

It actually says “God, in all His wisdom, took delight in using what the world considered dumb.” Man, our God has a sense of humor.

So, since we are ignorant to wisdom, and unskilled in everything the world values, how great does that make God? That He would take us in, and share with us His plan? Not only that, but He gives us a role to play. He takes the “nothing”, and makes them the most important part of His plan.

“Is there anyone around who knows God’s Spirit, anyone who knows what he is doing?…Christ knows, and we have Christ’s Spirit.”

Rest today in the fact that we can do nothing apart from God, and that He rejoices in that, promotes that. Take a break from what you think you need to do, what you think God wants you to do, and rest in His truth and wisdom. We are nothing without Him, and He will use the nothing. 

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