1st Corinthians 7

This one is all about Marriage vs. Singlehood.

Paul feels if you CAN remain single, then you should. Basically, if you can’t keep it in your pants, then get married. But being single is going to give you more time and energy to serve the Lord.

He does reiterate that getting married isn’t a “step down” from celibacy, not something to be looked down upon. Just that marriage is a big deal, and comes with a lot of stress and worry that ties you up, and might take you away from serving God.

It’s interesting to think about, considering I AM married. What would I be doing if I were single right now, that would make me more beneficial for the Kingdom? Would my time be free to do things I can’t do now? I am in charge of taking care of my husband and household. I might be free to travel and serve the poor better. I might not be as hindered by material items.

I know that I was called to marriage, and to a family, and though I can imagine a life for myself without it, it is God’s vision of my life that I intend to live, and not anything I can think up.


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