keep your eyes open

Awhile back, I heard this song on the radio. It came at a time I didn’t know what to feel. I’ve been in pain for a few years now, trying to start a family with no luck. All the waiting, medication, questioning was leaving me empty. I wanted to shut it all out, shut all the pain out, and forget about it.

Isn’t God funny sometimes, that He doesn’t ever give us what we want, He gives us what we need. He gave me this song.

The chorus urges you to “keep your eyes open”, and God really just told me that He doesn’t want me to float through life, not feeling the pain that is there. As much as it hurts, I NEED to feel the pain. This pain, this waiting, this suffering is what is going to pull my closer to Him, and make me into the person I need to be. God has to shape me into a mother, parent, caretaker, and I need this pain to get me there. Like being purified by the fire, I need to feel what is happening to me.

So whatever you’re going through, whatever hardships and suffering you want to push out of your life, know that God is using it to break you down so He can rebuild you. Experience the pain, push through it, it won’t last forever, and you need it to shape you. You need God to shape you.

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