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Influenster Item #7: Sole Society Coupon

The last item I received as part of my Influenster Holiday Vox Box was this coupon to Sole Society.


This coupon will get you $25 off your purchase. Please use it and pass it on, anyone can use it!

I browsed the site, and there are actually some really cute shoes. Here are a few of my favorites:

dylan_coral_978_1 brooke-hot-fuchsia heather-black jasmine-light-taupe sandra-coral

Influenster Item #6: eBoost Energy Powder

Not too much to say about this because I did not drink it. My husband ran out of energy drinks, so I suggested he try this.

image-3 copy

He mixed it up when he got to work and sent me this picture of the drink:


His only critic was “gross”. Sorry I can’t elaborate more for you, but I know a lot of celebrities like it, so, who knows. My husband doesn’t have the most delicate of palettes lol!


Influenster Item #5: NYC Lip Gloss in “Nude York City”

Quick post here. Tried the lip gloss that was in my Influenster Holiday Vox Box:


The applicator was nice. I liked that it was long and bendy.


The Verdict?


Nice. It’s very thick, which means it would stay for awhile. The nude color is nice, and nude lip color is very on-trend.


Yup, I’ll probably use this again!

Thanks Influenster!

Influenster Item #4: Goody Quickstyle

Next item on board is the Goody Quickstyle Brush.

image-1 copy


It has absorbant microfiber bristles that supposedly help your hair dry faster. (by 30%!)


So to test this brush, I pitted it against my old faithful round brush to see if it dried faster and how it did with styling.


The verdict?


Pretty much the same. I couldn’t notice any major differences. They both dried at the same speed, and left my hair looking identical. the right side on the pic was the Goody Quickstyle, and the right side is my round brush. I did notice that the Quickstyle seemed to frizz my hair more than the round brush, but they are both the same frizziness at the end, so who knows if that was accurate.

A quick once over with the flat iron (and some makeup for the pic), and Voila!


Goody Quickstyle. Not my cup of tea, but try for yourself!

Influenster Item #3: Kiss “Nail Dress”

My next wonderful item from Influenster was:

image copy

I’ve used stick on nail decals before, so putting them on was pretty simple. These were actually easier to put on because you could remove and re-stick them without tearing or stretching them.


It took me about 10-20 mintues to apply them all. The only downside to these was I didn’t care for the pattern. Too gaudy for me. I liked the swirly parts of the decal though, so…


That’s what I did! I think they came out pretty good. Could’ve used a clear top-coat because the edges are rather rough, but pretty good for a fun something new.

And good news, here’s what I have left after doing all the nails on my hands:


What a great value! Thanks Influenster!