Influenster Item #4: Goody Quickstyle

Next item on board is the Goody Quickstyle Brush.

image-1 copy


It has absorbant microfiber bristles that supposedly help your hair dry faster. (by 30%!)


So to test this brush, I pitted it against my old faithful round brush to see if it dried faster and how it did with styling.


The verdict?


Pretty much the same. I couldn’t notice any major differences. They both dried at the same speed, and left my hair looking identical. the right side on the pic was the Goody Quickstyle, and the right side is my round brush. I did notice that the Quickstyle seemed to frizz my hair more than the round brush, but they are both the same frizziness at the end, so who knows if that was accurate.

A quick once over with the flat iron (and some makeup for the pic), and Voila!


Goody Quickstyle. Not my cup of tea, but try for yourself!

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