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Influenster Holiday Box Item #2: Montagne Jennesse Clean-up Mud

I’m back with another Influenster post! The next item I got was this:

image-1 copy

I was very excited to get a face mask, since my face has been broken out lately. Hormones+Holiday cookies=lots of concealor.

First thing I noticed was the smell. It was minty and very strong. The mud texture was wonderful and went on very smoothly. This particular one contained Aloe Juice to help with breakouts. WONDERFUL!


I let it sit for 10-15 mins (I was watching Battlestar Galatica and taking care of 2 puppies so not sure exactly how long). It was very firm and dry. I couldn’t even move my face to smile for the camera!


It was work to get it off, but I did, and my face was fresh and clean!


Usually with any type of face product, my skin gets red and dry, but this left it soothed and moisturized. And today it feels great still! Thanks Influenster!